• Industrial projects for the future.
  • Commitment to Execution Timing and Quality.
  • Top-notch Comprehensive documentation.
  • Increased productivity, lower costs and low environmental impact.
  • Real “Key in Hand” Projects.

Either the project for a new industry, or the reform of an existing one, are very important milestones in the life of a company. The way in which it is carried out is vital for the future of the company. At Pensur we have a suitable solution for each case.

Only a really professional and high quality analysis will make your project suit your needs. Standardized procedures and accurate documentation are essential to achieve perfect engineering for your specific project.

Timely implementation aligned to safety regulations and top quality supplies are the next step to ensure your success.

A team of professionals specialized in covering the different áreas of your project guarantee the successful implementation and fine tuning of the process. In this way you get the highest performance with the lowest operating cost.

Pensur offers:

  • Feasibility study and preliminary projects preparation.
  • Site surveys.
  • Executive projects preparation.
  • Process engineering.
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
  • Electrical and Control Engineering.
  • Design and manufacture of mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Execution and Construction Management.
  • Start up.


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