We are an engineering company positioned to provide global solutions to our industrial clients. We design and execute process engineering, ancillary services, and manufacturing machinery. Pensur started in 2007, and we are currently working in Uruguay, Latin America, and the USA. We have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, as well as working with pulp, paper, and bulk, in addition to rubber, alcohol, and the pharmaceutical industry among others. Our services are conducted by highly qualified professionals, trained and specialized in industrial safety. In this way we totally satisfy the demands of the market in compliance with current legislation. We closely monitor projects development through a highly efficient online management system (, which allows us to allocate resources and set deadlines according to specific needs. At the end of each project, we analyze our processes and revise them as needed to continue improving the way we work.

We have everything we need to develop our work in the best way. We have acquired the software licenses and hardware tools needed to work with a wide range of brands. We design our projects in Autodesk®, so we can make sure to carry out high quality work under the most demanding standards. Our aim is to satisfy all our clients’ needs, and we are very demanding when it comes to fulfilling the agreed schedule. We set excellence as the standard for everything we do to guarantee only high quality finished work. We know that documentation is a key part of each project, and that is why drawings, manuals, and other documents are delivered at the end of each project, on time and in an orderly manner. We take care of our client’s information. All projects are backed up in our cloud once completed, and are accessible to the customer at all times. In this way, our clients have access to their information at any time they need it.


We are specialists in working with industrial technology leading brands. Tha is why we can provide you with the best solution for your needs.